Sports Photography

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While Radium Photo is known for their professional printing services and school photography, we have been providing West Michigan with sports photography services for more than 80 years.   Our services cover school, club, and league sports. We feel that to be successful in the sports photography industry, you have to be versatile, offer a variety of quality products,  pay attention to detail, and make it affordable to the parents.  This is our fastest growing division here at Radium Photo, and for good reason.

We offer a number of products ranging from just normal prints to the latest in photographic sports products including our “Custom Graphics” line where the team colors, team name, and player’s name are featured as well as bold and colorful graphics.  (See below for template samples) So if its just a couple 5×7’s, a traditional memory mate, or a 24″x36″ custom graphics poster for your child’s bedroom, there is something on our order form for everyone.

You ask “how can you keep your price point so low?” That’s simple.  We process, print, and package our high quality photographs at our in-house Fuji professional lab. This allows us to control quality from start to finish as well as offer unbeatable pricing turnaround times. And as an added bonus, Radium Photo’s sports photography division works directly with IN THE GAME action photography, to provide your school or youth league with outstanding action photography.

We take pride in providing the best possible pictures under different circumstances that we may be placed in.  Sports photography can be very difficult at times.  Weather, the sun, stuff in the background, lighting issues, time constraints, are all hardships that we have to deal with on sports shoots.  What we promise is that we are aware of our environment, and are going to do the best we can with all things considered.

Large leagues, small leagues, week nights and weekends.  We can cover it all.  We have the ability to bring multiple photographers and helpers to a single shoot to ensure the league  gets shot in a timely fashion.  What may take some photographers a few days to conquer, Radium Photo can knock out in one day.  Contact one of our Sales Managers for more information. We would be  happy to present our sports photography program to your league, club, or school.