Action Photography

IN THE GAME action photography

Created by Mike Cihak,  IN THE GAME action photography has been West Michigan’s leading action specialist since 2004.  Here’s the thing; it seems like everybody has a nice camera now a days. But not every camera can produce good action photos.  IN THE GAME action photography uses high end cameras and lenses, that are quick enough to get those fast happening action shots.  With Mike’s experienced eye for action, he is able to anticipate when something spectacular is about to happen. Plus, wouldn’t you rather watch the game with out having to look through a small eye-piece on your camera? We are currently work with a number of youth sports leagues and high schools, taking unbelievable action shots and making them available to parents through on site selling, in-house viewing, and our website.

Don’t buy action photos that were printed on someone’s home computer.  IN THE GAME action photography uses Radium Photo’s professional printing services to provide parents with action photos that are printed on professional archival photographic paper.  This is not your typical paper.  These prints will last you through the years, and still look like new at your child’s graduation party.  Oh yeah, our pricing and quality is hard to beat.  You won’t be paying an arm and a leg for these archival prints.

Teams are important in many facets, including sports and business.  Radium Photo’s sports photography division and IN THE GAME action photography have made a great team over the years, and can provide outstanding formal and action photos to your school sports program or youth league.  Call or email us today!

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Note. In store viewing is available for all games that are shot.  Not every game is put online.  And don’t worry, past years action photos are still available for purchase.  For more information or if you have any questions, please email Mike at